Cynbiose and VirNext have joined forces to offer a unique and innovative preclinical package of services for the evaluation of drugs, vaccines and antibodies candidates in the field of respiratory infectious diseases, from in vitro screening to in vivo efficacy models of infections. 


Cynbiose is the only non-clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) of its kind in Europe and is AAALAC accredited. The company specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative non-human primate models to accelerate the preclinical development phases of drug candidates. It works on exploratory DMPK and toxicology studies, as well as proof of concept studies in different human pathologies, such as infectious diseases and respiratory conditions, the central nervous system and inflammatory, musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular/neurovascular diseases. The company provides its services in line with quality guidelines that meet industry requirements. and is committed in numerous preclinical development programs for new therapies.


VirNext and Cynbiose are in the front line in meeting the ambitions of the French Health 2030 innovation plan and actively contributing to strengthening the positioning of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and France in the fight against (re)-emerging infectious diseases. We are proud to be able to support academic teams and the biopharmaceutical industry with a very high value-added scientific and technical offer and thus contribute to global health.

Press Release
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